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***CH3 (Main Project) in Industrial Training Report - It is an exercise to prepare you to undertake Final Year Project (FYP).  You will apply the same exact procedure in this project as it is in FYP.  The difference is LI project is very short and much simpler.  Your CH3 (Main Project) is to be evaluated on your ability to
    a.  Define the problem - why you want to do the project.  There must be a
          background issue you want to solve.  Once you know the problem, you can write title for
          CH3 (Main Project)
    b.  Set the purpose - what you want to solve
    c.  Identify method you want to employ in order to solve the problem
    d.  Result - what do you get from your experiment or investigation or further reading,
          and comparison of data.  The result must be presented in figure and table or flowchart or
          improved drawing. 
Without these, it is hardly that your project bears meaningful result
    e.  Conclude the finding - conclusions are derived from your result. 

Some may ask what are hints in order to come up with title of CH3.  I hope the followings will help you to identify the title for CH3
    a.  Compiling short tasks of the same nature you have undertaken at the company, and check if
         there is anything you can work further
    b.  Look at certain technical problem at the company through, and conduct experiments (if it is
          possible) to solve it
Look at certain technical problem at the company, and find ways to solve it through further
         reading on the matter from books, conferences, journals and internet.  Compile the data and
         do the comparison, for example.

***Form LP3 -  This form is LI training plan or program for 12 weeks.  It is to show major activities or tasks you will undertake at the company during the training.  Please spent time to fill up this form properly.  You should discuss the plan with your Industrial Supervisor before filling up the form.  This from should be fill up, and endorsed by your Industrial Supervisor, the latest at end of Week 2 of your training.  Else, your training will not be so coordinated that you are unlikely to benefit the most from the training . The form is to be submitted to the FKE Supervisor who comes visiting you at the company. 

Form LP3 must be filled up by all LI trainees, both local and international placements

Note:  For international LI placements except Singapore, LP3 must be STAMPED by the company

***Please record LI activities in English in your log book.  For someone, it may be quite tough for the beginning, and I am confident you will master it well as you go along the training.  Learn to write in English also helps you prepare your Industrial Training Report for it must be in English 

Your hard copy log book is your notebook - it should contain sketches of system, circuit and flow of process, points jotted down during discussions, important points you notice in your daily training, and problem or issue you notice that you need to discuss with your supervisor or someone who knows better at at your place of training

Since it is your notebook, your hard copy log book need to be filled up at all times during your training.

Please have your training supervisor to endorse your hard copy log book.  Some supervisor prefers to endorse it weekly, and some prefers it once in a while.  The stamping on the log-book is required only at least once.
Unlike hard copy log book, e-log book is only summary of your training activitiy each week (Only for international LI students except Singapore)  

***It is not required to fill up and return to the faculty form FKE-LP1